OKITE Quartz Surfacing

OKITE is an Italian quartz company, with U.S. inventory and distribution out of Houston, so no long lead times from Italy (3-5 business days from Houston). Okite has been around for a long time, manufactured by the Seieffe Corporation a 3rd generation Italian company. They are known for a couple very specific things, such as inventing and perfecting the process for making veined/marble looking quartz, pioneering this very desirable look and most of the high quality quartz manufacturers use the process invented by Seiffe. OKITE has always offered the whitest quartz of any manufacturer, Bianco Assoluto is the most solid white available and we invite you compare with other whites, it really can be the go to white and is their number one seller worldwide. OKITE’S crown jewel is their translucent collection and illumination system. They are the only quartz manufacturer to make a translucent quartz surface designed for backlighting along with our illumination system that consists of fabricated LED or RGB panels in either white LED, color matched or full RGB color changing spectrum, a very exciting and unique offering. There are many advantages that set OKITE apart from all the other quartz manufactures out there and these are highlighted below in the “what’s different about OKITE” tab. Whether you are a kitchen and bath showroom, Architectural or design firm, fabricator or homeowner, Marketing Superior Products can help you discover why quartz is one of the most growing industries and we would be happy to assist you in specifying and utilizing this great product.

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What's Different About Okite?

What’s Different about Okite?

There are so many quartz manufacturers and selections available, the question is “What’s different about OKITE?”

Here is a list of some of the things that are unique to OKITE Quartz and really set us apart from all the others:

Translucent Quartz Collection with Illumination System available. OKITE is the only quartz manufacturer that makes a translucent quartz surface designed to be backlit and we can supply our own illumination system fabricated to specification in any color! Major time and expense saver!

Natural Onyx Alternative! The 9002 Translucent material can be used in place of natural Onyx without any of
the negative characteristics that make onyx difficult and costly to work with.

Whitest quartz available from any manufacturer. Bianco Assolu to is the whitest solid white quartz out there, go ahead and comp are it to any other white, it will become your go to white.

Most desirable Veined/Marble Quartz collection (Vinatti Collection). OKITE invented and perfected the process of making veined quartz, subtle Italian styling and the most realistic Marble look without the porosity and softness of actual marble. Quartz is non porous, scratch resistant and is the 4th hardest mineral on earth behind diamond, corundum and topaz.

Made in Italy! Stocked and distributed from Houston, so you get a high quality Italian made product without the long lead times. 3-5 business days with no freight charge!

OKITE is lot managed from one distribution point after being spectrometer matched. Color are consistent and color drift is not an issue.

Minimum order is ONE slab!

Half slabs and quarter slabs available. You can order a slab or 2 for the kitchen and a half or quarter slab for the bathroom. It doesn’t even need to be the same color!

Backsplash program! Backsplash can be ordered separate from the slab in 4” strips and will be sent in 2cm. thickness eliminating the need to cut it from the slab or mill it down to 2cm. saving time, expense and maximizing the 120×55 slab.

Honed Finishes. OKITE offers select 2cm. colors in a honed finish

Color matched adhesives! All of OKITE’s colors have a color matched adhesive available through Integra for the best possible seam.

FREE SAMPLES! Samples can be ordered completely free of charge, any color, any quantity in 4×4 or 10×10 sizes and can be sent to your location or anywhere you wish. OKITE makes sample management and selection easy.

Project Tracking. we will provide samples, track and provide support throughout the entire process from the architect, GC, millwork company, dealer, fabricator and end user, streamlining the project and preventing you from having to field calls and address any inquiries after specification.

Local Representation. Your local OKITE Representative is Benji Loren and he can be contacted at 612-963-4130 or b.loren@okite.us with any questions, sample requests or to register, track and support your specification.

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Information & Sample Requests

Samples are free of charge and are available in 4×4 and 10×10 sizes. They can be sent directly to you or any of your clients or contacts and we also have design binders available for designers, fabricators and other professionals. Please contact us for more information or to request samples.